Programme Highlights: 

  1. Startup Agri-Businesses eager to get integrated incubation support
  2. Two Months Training Cum Internship.
  3. Grant-in-aid upto Rs. 25 lakhs.


  1. To ensure timely seed support to deserving incubates.
  2. To enable translation of minimum viable product (MVP) to marketable stage and scale up the product and business.
  3. To provide a platform for faster experimentation and modification in their approaches or minimum viable product (MVP) based on innovative solutions/ processes / products/ services/ business models etc. for scaling up.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. All incubatees will be eligible for this funding on the basis of consistent performance evaluated by CIC.
  2. The applicant should be a registered legal entity in India.
  3. The applicant has to be an Indian start-up as per DIPP notification. This support is not meant for Indian Subsidiaries of MNCs/foreign companies.
  4. A startup supported once will not be eligible for applying for the subsequent round of seed support.

Selection Process of Incubatee for Seed Stage Funding: 

  1. The NIAM Centre of Excellence Incubation Committee (CIC) will select the potential incubates based on selection criteria.
  2. During the selection process, CIC will take into consideration any other grant-in-aid funding received by the incubatee for the same activity/product from other GOI ministries. A self-declaration from the incubatee about such funding will be mandatory.
  3. After two months of residency of incubatees, CIC will evaluate the progress of the incubatee and based on their performance recommend them for seed stage funding to the Nodal Division, Department of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers Welfare (DAC&FW).
  4. Nodal Division, DAC&FW will approve and sanction the project of the incubatees based on recommendation of CIC and release the first instalment of the grant-in-aid to the CIC for further disbursement to the incubatee.
  5. The CIC would execute a legal agreement with the incubatee who is selected for the seed support and this agreement should be signed before the release of the first instalment of seed fund to the incubatee. The terms of agreement with the incubates start up should be framed by the CIC linking with the progress milestones, monitoring norms etc. Subsequent disbursement schedules should be linked to the achievement of milestones by the incubatee.

Focus Areas: 

Organic Farming Precision Farming Agricultural Supply Chain Agricultural Biotechnology
Post Harvest & Food Technology Food Processing IoT, ICT and AI in Agriculture Natural Resource Management
Animal Husbandry, Dairying Agri-Input tools and technologies Farm Mechanisation Agriculture Engineering
Agri Ext Education Waste to Wealth, Secondary Agriculture Agri Clinics & Farm Health services Other (Please Specify)
Total Visit Counts :- 3527986