Dr.Sahdev Singh

Dr. Sahdev Singh (MA(His), LLB(DU), LLM (Malta), Post Graduate Diplomas in CL, PI&P & IL&D, Parliamentary Fellowship, Honorary Doctorates, Honorary LLD.) is a distinguished civil servant, has dedicated an illustrious 25 years to serving the Indian Government with unwavering commitment. His remarkable journey began after completing his 10th grade when he embarked on a career in public service. Throughout his tenure, Dr. Singh has held pivotal roles in various ministries, demonstrating exceptional competence. His tenure commenced as a Personal Assistant in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, subsequently ascending to the role of Section Officer in the Ministry of Shipping under the Government of India. As a Central Secretariat Service [CSS] Cadre Officer, Dr. Sahdev Singh once assumed the crucial post of Under Secretary within the Department of Justice, Law & Justice under the Ministry of Home Affairs, handling significant portfolios. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Deputy Secretary to the Government of India within the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India. Previously, Dr. Singh undertook a noteworthy deputation as Assistant Commissioner / Deputy Assessor & Collector in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, now known as MCD. His academic pursuits are equally impressive, including a Master of Arts in History and LLB from Delhi University, as well as an LLM in International Maritime Laws from the International Maritime Organization - International Maritime Law Institute, which he pursued in Malta & London. His dedication extends to postgraduate diplomas in Constitutional Law, Parliamentary Procedures & Institutions, and International Law and Diplomacy. In essence, Dr. Singh boasts a multitude of degrees, encompassing MA, LLB (DU), LLM (Malta-London), and several Post Graduate Diplomas, making him a well-rounded scholar in fields like Constitutional Law, Parliamentary Institutions & Procedures, International Law & Diplomacy, and Parliamentary Fellowship. Notably, Dr. Sahdev Singh has garnered prestigious honorary titles, including a Doctorate in Public Administration (honoriscausa), a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in International Law of Human Rights, and an Honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD). His accomplishments also include numerous National/International Awards and Medals from various organizations. He has actively participated in short courses, meetings, workshops, and conferences hosted by renowned institutions and educational centers, enriching his knowledge and global perspective through visits to approximately 10 countries. During his tenure in the Ministry of Shipping, GOI, Dr. Sahdev Singh exhibited his expertise in matters concerning maritime shipping, navigation, lighthouses, national/inland waterways, and ports. Furthermore, his contributions extended to the Ministry of Human Resources Development, particularly in the realm of Higher Education, where he engaged with universities, NAAC, and Indian Research councils such as ICSSR, ICPR, and ICPHR. Dr. Sahdev Singh's commitment to knowledge dissemination is evident through his roles as Visiting Faculty in different universities to impart wisdom to not only to LLB, LLM students but also enlightened M.Phil/Ph.D. students on various branches of Law. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Dr. Sahdev Singh has recently been promoted to the esteemed position of Deputy Secretary to the Government of India. His recent promotion to Deputy Secretary to the Government of India underscores his unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions to public service. Dr. Sahdev Singh continues to be a beacon of excellence and a source of inspiration in the realm of civil service Now-a-days, he is looking after dual charges in the Department of Agriculture and Farmers, Government of India like - Deputy Secretary in the Department of Agriculture & also additional charges as Director (Administration), Directorate of Marketing Inspection (DMI), an Attached Office of the Department of Agriculture to implement the agricultural marketing policies and programs for the integrated development of marketing of agricultural and other allied produce in the country with a view to safeguard the interests of farmers as well as the consumers. DMI maintains a close liaison between the Central and the State Governments. DMI has its Head Office at Faridabad (Haryana), Branch Head Office at Nagpur (Maharashtra), and 11 Regional Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhopal, Kochi and Guwahati and the Central Agmark Laboratory at Nagpur. Recently (1st December, 2023), he has also been given the more responsibilities as, Director [Administration], National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM), Jaipur- registered as a Society under the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India. His unwavering commitment to public service and his remarkable achievements continue to inspire generations of civil servants and scholars alike.

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