The NIAM campus is spread in lush green area of 32 acres. Its state-of-art infrastructure provides the students with all modern amenities providing the perfect platform which facilitates the learning process to make students thorough professionals.

The buildings have been named after rivers which symbolize a free flow of thoughts, dreams and their confluence at a junction “NIAM”.

Academic Block: Brahmaputra

Brahmaputra is the gateway to entire NIAM activity such as lectures, panel discussions and forum of professional meets. It houses a warm reception at the first place, administrative offices, the PGDABM cell, smart class rooms, library, computer center and conference halls.

Smart Class Rooms- Discovering oneself

Lecture halls are thoughtfully designed to encourage learning, and state of the teaching equipment. A very comfortable environment in the lecture hall makes learning a unique experience for students as well as faculty members. The class room environment is conducive to interactive learning experience given the responsive and highly qualified faculty.

IT Infrastructure

The Institute is equipped with 2 computer centers which have more than 100 desktops with 24 hours internet support that are connected with high speed LAN of 4 MBPS leased lines and whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

Convention Centre- Mahanadi

It includes conference hall, seminar room, executive suites and auditorium with seating capacity of 400. National as well as international seminars, conferences, workshops, MDPs and cultural activities are organized in Mahanadi.

 Recreation Centre-Barak

Besides academics, students are provided with whole range of sport facilities. These include Volleyball, Badminton, Snooker, Table Tennis, Basketball, Cricket and Gymnasium. This perfect blend of sports and academics ensures all round development of students.



NIAM offers separate in-campus hostels for boys and girls. The hostels are specially designed with two primary objectives of safety and comfort. The hostels have 120+ single occupancy rooms with Wi-Fi connectivity. The rooms are well furnished with air coolers/ACs and attached washrooms.

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