• To conduct research on long term projects, policy formulation, prepare status papers, conduct case studies in specific to marketing problems.
  • To impart training to various levels of personnel of organizations involved in agricultural marketing activities such as State agricultural marketing board(SAMB), Co-operative marketing, Commodity Boards, Input agencies, progressive farmers, traders, entrepreneurs. To help them develop bankable projects for creation of market infrastructure& integrated value chain
  • To offer consultancy services to state and Central Departments, public-sector undertaking, co-operative etc in preparation of Master plans for States
  • To develop promising human resources by providing long term structured courses in agricultural marketing
  • To cover a wide information network in the country in agricultural marketing to evolve efficient, innovative and competitive marketing process
  • To develop as a centre for excellence in the filed of agricultural marketing by establishing adequate.
Message From DG's Desk

The interventions in Agricultural Marketing would greatly contribute towards the mission of Doubling the farmers Income.

Dr. P. Chandra Shekara
Director General
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